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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DNA Paternity Testing?
With the exception of identical twins, every person has a very unique genetic code identified by DNA (deoxyribonucleic Acid) found in each cell in the body. Based on the fact that we inherit half of our DNA from our father and the other half from our mother, DNA samples are tested to disprove or prove the relationship between a child and an alleged father. The child’s genetic profile is then compared to the profiles of the mother and alleged father. A statistical analysis is performed to calculate the probability of paternity.
How accurate are the results?
Paternity laboratory inspection is not mandatory; therefore, there is a wide range of quality among DNA laboratories and the test results they provide. AABB Immigration DNA Testing laboratories are a fully accredited laboratory, which means they undergo rigorous inspections and adhere to the strictest of procedures, in order to provide you with the most accurate results available anywhere.
Can the test results be used in court?
Yes, they can. The “Legal” paternity test follows all the rules and regulations to make those results admissible in all 50 states.
Who needs to be tested?
Typically, a sample is collected from the mother, child, and the alleged father.The mother only needs to be tested if the results need to be in court or if there is some question about her parentage.
What age can testing be done?
The DNA test AABB Immigration DNA Testing offers can be performed at any age.Testing even before Birth is possible. If the mother is considering prenatal testing please contact one our DNA Testing specialist for additional options.
Are Buccal swabs as accurate as blood samples?
Yes. Buccal swab samples and blood samples contain the same DNA and will produce the same result Buccal swab testing is a painless procedure producing accurate results.The collector will rub the inside of your cheek to gather loose cheek cells with the Buccal swab.
What do I need to bring to the sample collection appointment?
No identification is required for a private paternity test. Testing is simple, all you need for a legally admissible test is any form of state-issued photo identification (e.g., drivers license, State ID card, passport).

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